Passed Certified Professional Scrum Master II

Got the news today that Ken Schwaber had graded my responses to the essay style questions and that I passed the Professional Scrum Master II exam! So far only about a dozen people in the world have passed the level II certification exam and I’m the only person in Sweden it seems!

I have worked in agile teams for more than ten years now and as a full time agile coach for several years, so why did I bother to take this exam?

For one thing, I thought it would be a nice challenge! I find that trying to figure out the answer to tough questions always deepens my understanding. In fact a lot of what I learn, is from people asking me questions. So, I thought it would be interesting to work through some questions considered important by the co-founder of Scrum, Ken Schwaber.

Well…boy did I get what I asked for! Almost needed to use to full two hours to complete the test and some of the questions were really tough! I passed with a 95% score though. I misread one of the questions and I’m not sure that I agree in a few cases where my answer was rejected, so I’m quite happy with that!

Besides the challenge, I took the test just to check it out, and I was very pleased with what I saw. Until now ScrumMaster certifications in the Scrum community have been handed out without the person being certified having to do anything except to stay in a room for two days. I think the new written ScrumMaster assessments from are a welcome change to that! A lot of people, like me, will get more motivated to grasp the subject a bit more thoroughly before taking the test and that will be a good thing! Especially in the case of the level II assessment, where a lot of questions are in essay style, I also think that the assessment result can be an indicator of knowledge.

Another thing that is doing is widening the spectrum of training offered. In addition to ScrumMaster skills, you can now also get training in skills needed as a developer on agile teams. Other types of skills like facilitation and team skills are also mentioned as possible candidates for offerings if I remember correctly. This addresses a main problem in real life Scrum implementations today. People may have a basic understanding of Scrum, but they have not yet experienced what types of issues that can be resolved by adding technical practices for example from eXtreme Programming, XP.

Nothing has affected the spreadin of agile so much as the strength of the Scrum brand. As unfair this may seem to the other fine ideas in agile this is a fact. Hopefully the new organization with its fresh ideas will now contribute to getting the level of agile actually practiced in real developments teams to a higher level.