One thought on “The Deadly Disease of the Focus Factor

  1. „trying to be efficient is a well-known way to create sub optimizations and inefficiencies.“ – is like saying that „The road to Hell is paved with good intentions“. Both are unsubstantiated as claims – I’m sure the problem is not in „trying to be efficient“ (or good intentions).
    Rather, the way people intend to implement and measure efficiency may be plain wrong. Your chapters “Failure Strategy – Play it safe“, „Failure Strategy – Just Mark it as Done“ and „Failure Strategy – Mathematical Planning“ are good examples of this. All of these are either fooling oneself or fooling one another.
    This is why I’m unconvinced of the conclusion “Summary of the organizational decay“.
    Please remember that IT work differs: releasing a product is different from doing a custom dev project. The word „innovation” is flaunted about as if it were the key to all software development. Some require more innovation, some require less. Innovation is also different from keeping up to date with the state of the software technologies and development methodologies. Ask yourself always, how much your client (or investor) is prepared to finance your education on his own project. This should be kept transparent.


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